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Ok Here it goes

For quite sometime , I find my blog adress quite "weird" since I have used my real name and a last name which isn't exactly mine...So now I hadecided to get a new one, its called "petitboyblogger" and its still here on LJ.

See you there!



ODM watch
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OK here it goes,

Since I was feeling a little bit down, It was a relief when I found out that I would go to greenhills with my mom, and since there it a nearby bookstore, I decided to drop by and get some items for school (Coloured papers and a vellum board), since I still have some time to walk around,I decided to visit a seller who I personally know to check out some Sidekick 3's that I have been missing so badly, I used to have a sidekick but had to sell it for some reason...oh well, even though its less powerful than an iPhone 3G, I would love it have a sidekick on my hands again...So on my way to V-mall, I went to Bench fix to get some hair wax, since I'm new to this stuff, I just got the teeniest since I'd just like to test how it works...

Anyway, When I got home with my mom, she told me that some gifts from my godfathers had arrived, I got so ecstatic! Talk about an early Christmas! here is a pic of what I got.
Visit my Flickr for more, still trying to figure out how to upload multiple photos at one post, sorry for the inconvenience...


OK here it goes,

Yesterday was a totally hectic day, Here's what happened
 9 am: Went to a classmates house to finish video recoerding, stopped by Starbucks
11 am: started the video rec
1 pm: late lunch at classmates house
1:30 pm: shot some final scenes
3:30 pm: Left early to go again somewhere
4:00 pm: went to Jzone
6:30 pm: Jzone is done, went to Greenhills
7:00 pm: Went to greenhills, did some purchases

Ok I'll cut to the chase...
The minute I got home, I found out that I have to go to the night bazaar with my sister, I was so pissed because my feet is sore from all that walking!
anyway, My mom and sister bought some clothes and I bought a pair of sunglasses (I have to swear to my shades that the next purchase I'll make would be next year or else, I mean I have 8 pairs of shades for crying out loud.) Any yeah, My mom boutght me a pair of fake Crocs (clogs) My mom just bought it for cheap thrills sake and what I really want is a pair of Santa Cruz mens (better buy that in Hong Kong).

Pics to be posted on the next post!

PS: while the holidays are here, go to Starbucks and get a Toffee Nut latte or a Hazelnut praline. I haven't tried the dark cherry yet but my friends are raving about it.


(long sigh)...

OK here it goes

Since the test papers are out, I was a bit sad with some of the results...some were good and somewere bad...oh well

Anyway, there is this major bullshit in my school who is a self centered, huge ego, chauvaunist pig. I mean this pig is so annoying, I am so fucking pissed to my wits, eugh. sore poser

Anyway since I paid in advance for our sophomores night, I have already gotten the ticket which was given to me by my good bitch Nicole, I mean I was ecstatic, like hello? way too early for ticket giving thinking it still going to be at March 2009, nevertheless, Bette scour the city for the fab clothes. 

Thats all I have for the meantime.

iPhone flat

iPhone flat
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Ok here it goes

So much for all that midterm drama I've had for 3 days,Now I'm at a group-mates house, doing an MTV for school, Its all exhausting but fun, were all waiting for the basketball court to open so we could film the next scenes...

I know its been ages since the iPhone 3G was released but I only had a chance to test it when my friend brought his. needless to say, its fantastic!



OK here it goes,

THe reason I love saturdays are:
1.) I get to go out
2.) I get to have some Starbucks alone, Like a me,myself and I time
3.) I get to go to Jzone
4.) I get to shop

Ok not all the time do I shop but when I do shop, its because I am depressed and in need of a pick-me-upper, these days, a Venti Caffe Latte just does not cut it anymore. A little shopping is in need. As they say, "When the going gets tough, the tough goes shopping" some toughie huh?

Anyway, here's what I bought. A cap and a pair of gloves from Topman.

 The "pick-me-uppper" purchase.

OH well, till next the next post!

Holiday madness

OK here it goes.

school, as you know it, is pure insanity, but I am in no mood to talk about that A-holeright now so off we go now...

This morning, while thinking about some expensesto do for the holidays, I was thinking of giving out Folded and Hung flip flops since I'm giving them out as a stocking stuffer anyway. and now while looking for Comme Des Garcons at eBay, I stumbled upon this!

I mean why do these things come in my face and now that I am in my mini economic crisis, I am so tempted and oh-so willing to work in a call center in graveyard shifts EVERYDAY! just to get this bag!!! Life is so F-ing unfair! argh, I can't help but think who will be this lucky person to buy this one of a kind bag! I am going crazy!

but anyway, If you are interested, click here to contact the seller.

Till the next!


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.


hey there!

After long months of finding good photo's, My Flickr is now open to all. click by there soon! And give me a testimontial too btw.

And oh, some of my friend's faces are all there too.

Like this.

Alex and verna

Till the next!


OK here it goes

I really hate this pesky classmate of mine who is a pain in the ass and has been accusing me of  stupid things that I do not do. I mean I dont give a fucking damn about who this classmate has been flriting with, it is just not my business and I dont care, I really don'tgive a fucking damn about it, and why on earth would I give you IM's that were not created by me anyway, I mean I did not go online for this past and last weekend so why would you accuse me of such profane things?

Anyway awhile ago at cram school, since our teacher's mom got sick for the past 2 days, she told me that she might come at 3:00 and since it was early dismissal, at 2:40 something, I went to the cram school and I saw this classmate of mine who has behavioural problems got in to my nerves as I went to te classroom, she went up twice t demand where she (the teacher) is, I told her to wait as I ringed her phone for three times already, I was so pissed off by her behavior and treating me as if I was her slave, this totally ticked me off as I was really offended and as if it was my fault that they came in without the teacher arriving yet, and then there was this another cassmate of mine, who also went in early and cussed me "gago ka glenn! wala pa pala si teacher... eh!" I mean I wanted to say sorry and I am doing whatever I can to know what time will she arrive. but sadly I was not able to do that so if you are reading this, I am sorry. 
As for the other one with Behavioural Problems, Grow up. 


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